When you’re dealing with a bunch of children (or a spouse) who are old enough to read, sometimes a written note that properly expresses your feelings is worth its weight in gold – and gets far more attention than the words that come out of your mouth, which they may or not be actually listening to when you say them (who could tell?).

These parents are embracing the written word, leaving hilarious, poignant, and silly notes for their loved ones at home.

Here’s hoping they stick to those manic little brains better than advice or instructions given straight to their faces!

10. Some love and some tough love.

And a reminder. Yep, a note from a parent!

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9. He might not have listed those in order.

Hopefully the kid can figure that out.

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8. She’s not wrong.

Although it’s George RR Martin, so way more people¬†do die.

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7. She’s not ready to be a grandma.

And really, who could blame her?

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6. Eh, it’s summer, mom.

Also, who can keep pants on their kids? NOT ME.

Judging by this note from my mom, I’d say I’m doing summer right. from funny

5. All very good advice.

I don’t care who you are or how old, either.

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4. Creative and to the point.

A+ parenting work. I approve.

Clean your beans… from passiveaggressive

3. Sometimes the F word is warranted.

Yes, even if you’re a “good” parent. I’m just saying.

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2. This mom knows what she’s doing.

And is obviously goals. Get it, Ma.

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1. This is why two parents are useful.

You need to hear all of this in your teenage years.

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I hope to be this clever of a mother one day because honestly, I think sarcasm turns out far more fun kids. Don’t you?

Have you ever left the perfect note for your fam?

Tell us in the comments exactly what it said!