Honestly I think most everyone who was not a willing homeschool – or remote school – parent has had it with this school year. That’s normal, really, since even regular teachers are usually ready for the end of the year by this point.

One way to deal with the stress and frustration is just to laugh with other people who have gone through the same thing – a fact these 10 parents are here to help you with today.

10. Some kids are just too smart for their own good.

These are my favorite kids, actually.

9. At the very least they deserve a nice holiday gift.

A gift card, people. Nothing crappy.

8. I think we’ve all learned a lesson here.

Don’t make the same mistake this man did. Unless you want a haircut.

7. I mean, teachers do it.

Not every day, though.

6. All of them.

Literally just pick one with your eyes closed.

5. Hey, learn something new every day.

No judgment here.

4. That’ll work out as well as me trying to teach you math.

Maybe better, to be honest.

3. It’s like, one of the only legit threats we have.

One less thread of control.

2. Stick to your story.

They’ll lose interest eventually.

1. We can’t follow this advice retroactively, unfortunately.

Unless you want to consider divorce in these trying times.


The school year is coming to a close, friends. The end is in sight.

What are you doing to help everyone in your house get through the next few months? Share your tips in the comments!

Thanks, fam!