I think we can all agree that when it comes to teaching kids how to manage money, use credit cards responsibly, and make sure bills are paid on time, public education is sorely lacking. Some people wish that would change, while others believe those jobs belong to the parents, and so we’re stuck in this no-man’s land where too many people are still learning the hard way.

Some folks, though, claim an unlikely educational source on these tips and topics – TikTok.

Here are 10 short videos that share helpful advice people wish someone would have told them way sooner.

10. Wondering what, if anything, should go into your emergency fund account?

First of all, YES, and second of all, here’s what this user recommends!


Reply to @kswyz don’t invest without having a solid emergency fund ✌️#personalfinance #financialliteracy #financialfreedom #investingforbeginners #fy

♬ original sound – Kiana Danial – Invest Diva

9. Here’s one on how to build a healthy credit score.

It’s not as arduous a journey as one might think (if you’re not starting from the basement).


Reply to @reselldollars how to build your credit #creditcard #creditscore #finance #stocks

♬ falling – Oof

8. Credit card or debit card?

Wondering which is which, which is good for what, and which (or both) is right for you? This user has some great answers!


#creditcard #money #finance #fintok #greenscreentile

♬ original sound – Steve Financial Freedom Coach

7. This one has some general tips for young adults just starting out on a financial journey.

Opening a credit card, yes, but also saving with a Roth IRA even if you’re not making a whole lot.


Who is ready to take on the responsibility of turning 18? 😂 #paydaypursuit #money #finance #education #turning18

♬ original sound – 💰 I Help YOU Make Money 💰

6. Yes, credit cards are good.

But only if you’re good at using them – this video breaks down how and why.


How To Beat Evil Credit Cards! 😈 #learnontiktok #personalfinance #credit #selfimprovement #creditcard

♬ original sound – Mark Tilbury – YouTuber & CEO

5. If you’re confused about what signing on for a mortgage entails, this one is great.

It’s a starter course, but one that answers a lot of questions that first time homebuyers might have.


What’s a mortgage, in 15 seconds 🤔🏠💸🤑🤷‍♂️💰 #finance #foryou #foryoupage #debt #mortgage #firsthome #housebuyer

♬ original sound – The Money Movement

4. Car buying is confusing!

New or used? Fancy? Go cheap? I think we all know the answer, whether we want to or not.


Finance tips w/ our very own Harvard grad, hedge fund, financial, complex numbers, guru #finance #menstips #fyp

♬ original sound – Project Aeronaut

3. This one is from a realtor, on how much you should save before shopping for a home.

It’s quite a bit, if you’re starting from scratch, so take your time.


Exercise 2 of 2! #learnontiktok #buyingahouse #finance #realtor #arizona

♬ original sound – Vanessa Aragon

2. If you’re still thinking of buying that expensive car…

Just don’t do it. Even Dave Ramsey says it’s a total waste of cash.


If anyone’s wondering, the car that I thought was so worth the $15k is a fucking Nissan Sentra. I hate it here #finance #moneytok #financeadvice

♬ original sound – Josslyn Lopez

1. Have questions about investing? This video covers 5 main options.

IRAs, 401Ks, Brokerage, HSA, and 529’s. Watch and learn (I know I will be).


How many do you have? #personalfinance #latina #money #dinero #entrepreneur #taxes #investing #invest #investor #boss #wealth #wealthy #cash #stocks

♬ Break My Stride – Chateau Pop

Some of these kind of blew my mind, not going to lie.

If any of them did that for you, tell us which ones you’re going to pass along in the comments!