When you’re talking about human beings in general, they really run the gamut. You never know what you’re going to get, or who you’re going to run into, especially on the internet.

These 10 folks – bless their hearts – really should have paid more attention in school. Well, that, or our education system is sorely letting kids down all over this country.

10. The point still remains, though.

But true, not technically accurate.

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9. Yeah, Presidents don’t really “retire.”

Per se.

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8. Seems like a personal questions.

The bears don’t have to tell you about their s^x life.

Hyper Mating
byu/MadameMagness inBoneAppleTea

7. Idk but it’s probably the fault of science.

Or the government, of course.

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6. I mean we are lazy. No denying that.

We can count past 12, but do we want to? Not really.

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5. Explaining the accent…to the person speaking with it.

That’s a hard pass, I’m guessing.

Speaks with an Ireland accent
by inconfidentlyincorrect

4. That’s what they’re for, actually.

I don’t say “actually” lightly but sometimes it’s warranted.

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3. I mean most of the time he would be right.

To be fair.

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2. Some people just gotta take the poetry out of everything.

And put in the knowledge of the English language.

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1. Maybe read that one again.

Because your answer doesn’t actually seem possible.

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I mean, what can you say? Just. Sweeties.

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Thanks, fam!