You’re going to need to pass a lot of time in the near future, but good news – people are spending more time on Twitter than ever, so content isn’t going to be an issue!

These 10 tweets about being in quarantine are the perfect way to spend a little time in quarantine, if you ask me. Laughing “together” is the best way to social distance but still, remember we’re in this together!

10. I’m sure they’re a very attentive audience.

9. Famous last words, as ever.

8. We’re all afflicted with word vomit.

7. It’s new math, you wouldn’t understand.

6. So it shall be from here on out.

5. No snack is safe in this house!

4. Nothing to see here, move along.

3. I’m not sure I should be laughing so hard at this, but…here we are.

2. Why does it seem like this will actually happen?

1. You should probably consider that a good thing.

I’m virtually fist-bumping all of these people for doing the good work of making us laugh!

How are you coping with being cooped up?

Share your tips with us in the comments!