Listen, one of the best parts of parenting teenagers is getting to embarrass and make fun of your kids the way they have been doing to you for like, over a decade at that point, right?

If you don’t give you teenager as good as you get, you’re really missing out. In my humble opinion.

And these 10 parents are totally here to convince you to start, like right now. Today.

10. You dig in because you have to.

And you want to be able to see when they’re adults in a few short decades.

9. I would like to see the video.

I will kiss and hug my kids forever if I have to tackle them so be it.

8. The Dos are a very short list.

They like it this way.

7. A trail of messes in their wake.

Our houses will not be clean again until they move out.

6. They love you because you feed them.

It is grudgingly, though.

5. This tweet will never get less funny.

I truly hope she relates the tale like this at least three times a day.

4. I thought she was going to say she needed them for a throwback day or something.

But back in style makes sense, too.

3. They’re basically like cats.

Only they enjoy shorter bursts of petting.

2. He’s being ironic not on purpose.

Bless his little heart.

1. So it’s like being married then?

I couldn’t resist, y’all.

These parents are total goals!

Do you and your teen make each other laugh? Give as good as you get? I want to hear about your relationships, too!