A good grandma is worth her weight in gold. There are the delicious meals, the yummy desserts, the babysitting, the phone calls, the visits, and so much more – families who have great ones don’t know what they would do without her!

These 10 memes are going to remind you of all your favorite things about your grandmas, and you know that’s exactly what you need right now.

10. She wouldn’t want you to get hungry later!

There’s no bigger sin than Grandma sending you home hungry.

9. And she’s only feeding like 6 people.

Go ahead and invite your friends. She won’t mind.

8. This is one of the purest things I’ve ever seen.

This is a good boy.

7. This brings a tear to my eye.

But seriously my grandma only sent me a check for like $20 every birthday.

6. You need no other argument.

Your mom knows it, too.

5. You’re going to eat your food and you’re going to like it.

Acceptance is key.

4. Grandma isn’t going to let this outrage go.

She’s got cookies and cake and meatloaf on standby.

3. This is downright hilarious.

You’re in grandma’s house now. Protections are in place.

2. And as a mom, you just sigh.

It’s going to happen regardless.

1. That’s one reason you love her.

She’s always going to see the best in you.

I miss my grandma (and I sure wish my kids weren’t missing theirs quite so much!).

What’s your favorite thing about visiting your grandma? Tell us in the comments!