If you ask me, one of the unexpected delights of parenting is watching your kids make total bonehead moves and laughing at them (in private) for it.

They’re still learning, and no one is born knowing everything, but man – they really do think we all just fell off the turnip truck yesterday!

And these 11 kids really aren’t as smart as they thought they were before these incidents occurred…

11. Now dad is having second thoughts.

She can’t even finish a puzzle!

Image Credit: Reddit

10. That is a grandma who needed a drink.

Because her granddaughter is dumb and also thinks she is older than colors.

Image Credit: Reddit

9. Yes, we all have some questions.

Like were they stale??

Image Credit: Reddit

8. Never believe him again.

This is the ultimate “cried wolf.”

Image Credit: Reddit

7. This is adorable.

I would have laughed so hard.

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6. This story sums up parenting.

Why are kids?

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5. This is a confusing day.

That mom just took it alllll in stride though.

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4. I mean. He’s trying.

Bless his heart.

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3. That will haunt a person.

Kids are just so stinking weird.

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2. This image gives me heart palpitations.

Hopefully it still works.

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1. Yeah, I wouldn’t go back there.

Little psychopath in the making.

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I’m waiting for the day when I can laugh at my kids and they won’t be emotionally damaged by it!

Has your kid done anything memorably dumb? Tell us about it in the comments!