Nothing can prepare you for the realities of becoming a parent. You think you’re ready, that you can handle it, and while the latter will turn out to be true, the former is not.

Seriously, you are not ready.

These 11 dads were surely in that same boat with no paddle, but somewhere along the way, they’ve managed to shore up the holes.

11. A cup is a cup. Or is it?

If you need a drink, any one will do.

10. You never even realized it, did you?

Maybe you even disliked it before, but you won’t now. Promise!

9. Not exactly conducive to doing the business.

You learn to make the magic happen, though, right?

8. This sounds like my boys! Or all boys, for that matter.

We love schedules around here.

7. These are the facts of life. For real.

You’re a morning person now. Congrats.

6. It really is, girlfriend.

A wise child.

5. Time for a science experiment.

We’re all homeschooling now anyway.

4. They have an infinite number of limbs.

At the dinner table, it’s like 37.

3. Competitiveness is innate, it would seem.

Maybe I can get my husband to do things the same way.

2. In her defense, what does time matter these days?

Ice cream for breakfast, 2020.

1. We’re just so hopeful every time.

We don’t vacation with kids, we take trips.

Parenting goals, right?  I love when dads make me laugh – it’s a special brand of giggles.

What about you? Any of these tickle your funny bone?

Let us know in the comments, fam!