You could spend all day scrolling through lists of parenting memes, but if you wanted to find the very best and funniest ones yourself, I think you’d spend the majority of that time scouring sites for ones that actually made you laugh.

Luckily you landed here, and we’ve compiled this list of 11 funny memes we don’t think can miss!

Take a scroll and see if you agree – we hope that you do!

11. You have to get over silly sayings like this.

Because you will find yourself using them way too often.

Image Credit: Someecards

10. Bed-sharing with a child over the age of 1 is an Olympic sport.

One that often leaves you with an aching back.

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9. Hopefully it’s a benevolent beast.

I’ve never seen one of those movies, though.

Image Credit: Someecards

8. Things can look pretty weird on there…

Then again, maybe your house is haunted.

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7. That will most likely be going into the trash.

But you never know. Hope springs eternal and all of that.

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6. You’re there to be invisible.

But to get the job done.

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5. This is such a weird truth.

You get away from your kids and then you can’t stop thinking about your kids.

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4. You’d better set the timer.

Not that anyone will hear it.

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3. You just need tools to get through the day.

And the courage to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

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2. They’re like a cow.

Without the mooooo.

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1. Earplugs are your friends.

Let them have their feelings and you can have your silence.

Image Credit: Someecards

Parenting is such an intensely personal and yet oddly universal experience, don’t you think?

Tell us in the comments your best trick for getting through the hard days. Help a mother (or father) out!