If there’s a group of people more in need of a few minutes to themselves and a laugh to take the edge off, it’s parents. We’re tired, we’re overworked, we’re worried all the time, we’re riddled with guilt, and some of us have a drinking problem.

So put down the wine and check out this list of funny tweets instead – I promise that not only will they make you chuckle, but they’ll make you feel better about your own choices, too.


11. I don’t like this at all.

Why are kids so insistent on being creepy.

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10. I wonder where she learned that?

Time to check her access to YouTube.

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9. They literally can’t even imagine.

It’s so long ago the number doesn’t even make sense.

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8. All she does is just spend all the time!

And not even her money, either.

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7. Someone is always crying.

There doesn’t even have to be a reason.

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6. It’s a delicate balance.

I say let them say it wrong until they’re old enough to get made fun of.

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5. He knows who he is.

That’s honestly a great thing and you should encourage it.

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4. In a nutshell.

Nothing makes sense and no one is eating what you cook.

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3. You didn’t have to answer.

That’s on you, my friend.

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2. See above and the aforementioned drinking problem.

We just need to relax, though.

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1. There’s so much drama.

I can’t believe there’s not an Academy Award in all of their futures.

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I’m feeling recharged and ready to re-enter the fray; how about you?

Let us know in the comments which of these you liked the most!