Some problems are so common, and so ubiquitous, that most of us just deal with them, no thought given to how we might fix it going forward.

A few people, though, see solutions and ways to make even the most trivial issue easier, and you know what? It really is the little things that make life more enjoyable, don’t you think?

11. Dignity is priceless.

Such a small shift in thinking with a big impact.

In Norway you get a small amount of money for recycling bottles/cans. They’re often collected by poor people, homeless etc. A lot of our trash cans has these holders around them so people don’t have to search through the trash to collect them
byu/idunnomysex inHumansBeingBros

10. This is legit a great idea.

Why aren’t we already doing this everywhere?

9. That’s a job that definitely needs to be easier.

I’m glad someone was thinking ahead.

Image Credit: Demilked

8. This makes my heart happy.

We have to look out for each other.

7. Any furniture you have to build needs to be easier.

IKEA, take notes.

This furniture hardware is sorted by step rather than by type.
byu/Doctor_Nutsack inmildlyinteresting

6. Because everyone should have access to art.

Love this inclusive thinking.

This museum in Berlin has ‘touchable’ versions of their paintings for blind people
byu/ppmtn inmildlyinteresting

5. You definitely can’t miss that.

Which is exactly the point!

Crosswalk projected on a dirty winter road
byu/dele7ed inmildlyinteresting

4. Plus, everyone loves trains.

I appreciate this, from one lazy lady to another.

They put rails under the benches in this park so you can always be in the shadow.
byu/shewalkinglikea inmildlyinteresting

3. That’s called incentive, my friends.

I would not be getting that discount.

This restaurant gives you a discount if you have well behaved kids
byu/gabymaybe inmildlyinteresting

2. Get a bit of exercise while you charge up.

Talk about motivation.

These public swing powered chargers for your phone in a train station
byu/Suckerburg1 inmildlyinteresting

1. I want this.

It wouldn’t fit in my house, though.

Our refrigerator has revolving levels so you can reach everything easily
byu/seraphim2703 inmildlyinteresting

I love the way everyone’s minds work differently, don’t you?

Have you ever solved an everyday problem with an out of the box idea? Tell us about it in the comments!