If there was one thing I would like to have brought with me from young childhood into adulthood, it’s the absolute confidence with which, say, a three year old does absolutely everything. Doubt never enters their mind; they know what they’re doing and they’re going to do it.

These 11 kids are no different, though if you’re the adult in the room, you might want to ask them to take a second look – because they definitely did not nail it.

11. They will tell all of your secrets.

And make you appear on camera in your pajamas.

10. They did do the dishes.

Perhaps not the right sort of soap, that’s all.


9. If you can’t see them, they’re put away.

Isn’t that right?


8. I mean, what did they expect?

It’s not like they can reach the top.


7. That was some show and tell.

I bet the teachers were half dead from holding in their laughter.


6. Well that’s an oops.

How many days is that, exactly?


5. Those might be a bit wrinkled next Sunday.

But I mean, I doubt Jesus minds.


4. Empty your pockets, kids.

That’s a lesson most of us had to learn the hard way.


3. They’re never as sneaky as they think.

Which is good for us. But not for the cake.


2. I guess it was supposed to match the picture, huh?

Otherwise, I don’t see an issue.


1. I have lost more than a few dustpans this way.

And the brushes, too.



I just love kids, y’all. I say let ’em be confident for as long as you possibly can.

What was the last moment you had like this with your littles? Share it with us in the comments!