Grandmas are the best, aren’t they? They don’t boss you around like your mom, they know all kids of cool stuff and tell the best stories, and they usually have a freezer full of ice cream.

Parents love grandmas, too, because they give us the breaks we so desperately need!

And so, let’s all celebrate grandmas with these 11 adorable memes.

11. She fattened him right up!

That’s her job, you know.

10. She knows she doesn’t have to deal with the fallout.

Also Grandma does what she wants.

9. That is EXACTLY the face.

I am laughing so hard.

8. Why is this so real?

My 3yo gets whatever he wants.

7. This is the way the world works.

When you’re a kid, anyway.

6. Nostalgia overload!

You can actually smell your grandma’s house in this picture.

5. You should learn this when you’re young.

And plan your calorie intake accordingly.

4. Our kids are getting the fun lady.

It’s what she earned by putting up with us as teenagers.

3. Aren’t grandmas the best??

I can remember birthdays, too, does that mean I’m getting old? (Don’t answer that).

2. “Eat, eat, you’re skin and bones!”

And you know you love it.

1. This is always going to be true.

One day we’ll be cool again, too.

I love my grandma and I love my kid’s grandma, so I love celebrating grandmas!

What’s your favorite thing about your grandma? Share the love in the comments!