Parenting is tough no matter what age your kids are, but most people consider parenting teenagers one of the roughest parts of the whole gig. They’re old enough that you have to give them some responsibility, but you worry about them more than ever – but they have absolutely no patience with any of it.

Luckily, like all parts of parenting, it’s a phase that will pass in a few short years.

If those short years are feeling particularly long today, though, these 11 memes about parenting teens just might help.

11. Joyous is one word for it.

The sarcasm is strong with this one.

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10. They were probably freaking out a little bit, too.

I imagine, anyway.

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9. I feel her pain, and wish her well.

Where is her petition because I will sign it.

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8. So. Many. Hours.

So many layers off my tongue.

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7. They come back, though.

Ideally not just for money or a place to live.

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6. Just tell it like it is.

Which is why we take it so seriously.

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5. We’re all struggling.

But we love you and we’re doing our best.

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4. You should always have a dog.

When your kids are little they can clean up messes.

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3. They’re trying to confuse you.

Or maybe just confuse the point but it’s working.

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2. This starts the day they’re born.

I’m not sure it ever ends, to be honest.

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1. Between teenagers and Alexa we should all be good.

Unless the question is about doing laundry or cleaning the toilet.

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Godspeed out there, parents of teens. You’ve got this.

And even if you don’t, at least there’s coffee and the fact that you can leave them in a room alone and not worry they’re writing on the walls.