There’s nothing quite like gestating and birthing a baby to kick up your emotions. There are genuine feelings involved, an avalanche of them, but also as soon as the baby is out, your hormones start to reset and that process is…it’s really something, y’all.

Reactions to becoming a mother are all over the board, and they’re all valid – and if you’re curious what it’s like for some women that first night as a mom, these 11 are ready to talk.

11. I can’t even imagine.

Women are so thankful for every uneventful pregnancy.

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10. I have zero idea how this could be possible.

Just wow. That’s a lot.

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9. There’s definitely a sense of relief.

Those last few weeks can be agony in so many ways.

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8. It’s amazing how it just hits you.

Like a ton of bricks.

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7. That worry never goes away.

It’s just a part of you now.

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6. It really is different for everyone.

Fake it til you make it.

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5. No one should have to feel that.

But sadly, so many of us do.

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4. There’s a sense that everything has changed.

And that can be truly scary.

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3. I think we’re all a little overwhelmed.

It seems unavoidable.

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2. We all need someone.

Hat’s off to anyone who can do it alone.

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1. The judgement starts early.

I hate that.

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I think I felt most of these and more, to be honest. It’s hard to remember.

What do you remember about the first day you were a mother? Share it with us in the comments!