Kids are a pain in the butt, they never sleep, and they wreck all of your stuff, but listen – they are also downright hilarious (and occasionally sweet).

It’s hard to keep track of all the funny things our kids say over the years (I have a book) because even though you think you’ll remember everything, you definitely won’t.

At least these 11 moms will have these immortal tweets to remind them of some hilarity at home – chances are they’ll need to remember why they love those munchkins one day soon!

11. First of all…

You know what, never mind. It’s funnier to leave it be.

10. Maybe he should stay out of her room, then.

Like that’s ever going to happen.

9. Amen, sister.

That means it tastes good.

8. Those little poops.

But it’s still kind of funny.

7. Mom was smarter.

Today, anyway.

6. She’s only sort of wrong.

Though I don’t know why she’d want to eat them.

5. A fair point.

Every meal would be improved by ice cream.

4. That makes perfect sense.

I mean honestly why isn’t it called that?

3. When the zombies come she’ll be ready.

Then you’ll be glad she’s a little weirdo.

2. What fantastic advice.

This kid has it all together.

1. This’ll be a snap.

If only.

I just think kids are hilarious. And sometimes they have hilarious moms who share their hilarity on Twitter. And we all win!

What’s the funniest thing your kid ever said? Share with us in the comments!