Here’s the thing about parenting: it just keeps coming at you, day after day, relentless and unpredictable. Most days are normal, and while some stand out as great, others are definitely the opposite of that.

But I say that no matter what sort of day you’re having, hearing from other parents going through a similar stage in life is a pick-me-up – which is exactly why we’re sharing these 11 tweets with you today.

11. I have to think he would love this.

At least he’s still known for something.

10. One of many charming facets.

And my charming I mean painful and unique.

9. That’s a pro-tip right there.

I’m definitely going to steal it.

8. No questions asked.

Because no other answers matter anyway.

7. No, your husband won’t see it either.

Don’t ask me why.

6. It could be any number of things.

If you have pets, double the options.

5. Why not both?

We could use more of those people in the world.

4. We’re all out of shape.

It’s required to be in the cool parents’ club, I tell myself.

3. Hahaha why is this so true?

Dads everywhere are feeling called out for sure.

2. That’s before you clean out their room.

No telling how much silverware you’ll find in there.

1. That lady needs grace.

Whether she’s you or someone else.

Ahhh, y’all. It’s a crazy life, but we love it.

Most days, anyway.