The thing about having kids is that all of a sudden, your heart is walking around, out in the world, with very little protection. Kids don’t know enough to be scared of what’s coming, or what could happen, and as hard as parents worry for them, it can’t always be enough to keep them safe.

From the moment they’re born, parents worry – and in these 11 cases, parents say they worried their worst fears were about to come true.

11. Relationships can complicate things.

I wish you all successful co-parenting situations.

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10. Motorcycles are death traps.

I think they’re most parents’ worst nightmares.

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9. They really know how to stop our hearts.

Not on purpose, but yeesh. Kids!

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8. It really is terrifying to witness.

Our brains are horrible and wonderful things.

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7. It’s a watershed moment, for sure.

A million emotions all at once.

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6. Anyone who has had this experience can tell you.

Your blood absolutely runs cold.

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5. Moms spend so much time figuring we’ve failed.

Most of the time, it’s not our fault, but that doesn’t matter.

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4. You just shake all over.

Why are there so many stairs in this world?

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3. You go on autopilot.

Because you know they need you.

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2. Babies seem so fragile.

Luckily, they’re a lot stronger than they look.

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1. Those dang chicken nuggets.

They will get you, one way or another.

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Parenting is a minefield of emotions, my friends, but all you can do is your best.

What was the moment when your kid scared you have to death? Share the story with us in the comments!