If we’re being honest, all parenting tweets are helpful, whether they’re meant to give advice or they’re meant to just make us all laugh at the absurdity of our life with kiddos living under our roofs.

I mean, after all, there are days when what you really need is a laugh, but most days, a laugh is welcome!

If you’re feeling alone or just like you’re having trouble seeing the bright side, let these 11 parenting tweets make your day!

11. It must be exhausting to be a kid today.

Almost as exhausting as it is to be a parent today.

10. It just makes them so mad.

And sometimes that’s honestly just so delightful.

9. I think she might be onto something.

Unless pod people are people too.

8. There’s something profound about this tweet.

I think that most of us can relate.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. I like the way she thinks.

We all know you can’t just have one doughnut.

6. She’s going to need to practice.

We can all see that something is going to go down soon.

5. They’ll hit you with anything, really.

You don’t even have to ask.

4. Sleep tight and all of that.

The real nightmares now begin…

3. You knew this would happen.

It’s always the expensive clothes.

2. Who knows, maybe a sister, too!

Be careful, they might decide to get excited.


1. You’re not going to trick her.

She knows how this system works.

Yes, y’all, I’m feeling boosted and ready to go and tackle some parenting duties with gusto.

Which of these really made you feel seen? Tell us in the comments!