Parenting is a lot of things, every single day, and sometimes it’s all of those things at the same time – horrifying and hilarious, terrifying and sweet, etc.

These posts are for the times you can’t help but laugh, whether your child is intentionally trying to crack you up, they’ve said something they had no idea was hilarious, or you really shouldn’t be laughing because you’ll have to pay for it later.

But this time it’s not your kids, so free to chuckle it up.

11. That’s not where Pooh comes from.

Have fun with that backpedal.

10. Hey, they’re entertaining themselves.

That’s called a win, my friend. Especially if you have headphones.

9. Honestly who doesn’t love that?

I’m picturing a tiny Larry David and it’s delightful.

8. She wins the game.

And not only because she gets to wear pajamas.

7. A 3yo can best anyone.

And they will, frequently.

6. A proper threat is worth its weight in gold.

You didn’t even have to think this one up yourself!

5. Also how much we want to hear them count.

Or “watch this!’

4. They know it, too.

That’s the only issue.

3. That’s a kid who knows what he wants.

Which is great, unless you live with him.

2. Why would you share this picture?!

Now we’re all going to be getting even less sleep.

1. This totally cracked me up.

Said every kid ever, right?

Kids are amazing, aren’t they?

It’s like they know the key to staying alive is making us laugh.