There is no part of parenting kids that’s easy. From the sleepless nights at the beginning to the slamming doors and struggle for independence of the teenage years, there are always going to be challenges.

That said, I do believe the saying “bigger kids, bigger problems,” which means that the older your kids get, the harder it is to “fix” what’s wrong.

If you’ve got teens, you should really identify with these real – and funny – posts about raising teenagers.

11. They could have been screamed at before eight in the morning.

They could have found a pile of old gym clothes from a week ago.

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10. One day they’ll appreciate you.

Probably. If you’re lucky.

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9. That is a nice perk.

You’ve gotta get your kicks somehow.

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8. They’re still so cute, though.

Always hungry, too.

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7. How the mighty have fallen.

Your own parents are now snickering behind your back.

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6. If you can get them to reply, it’s a win.

Even if a blowup is involved.

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5. The last word.

Because you did make that decision without them.

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4. More in the head area.

Or maybe the heart.

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3. The cereal bowls are all missing, too.

Wherever they are, I hope they’re happy.

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2. Everything is an emergency.

So many big feelings!

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1. It really doesn’t matter, right?

One day is the same as the next.

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I’m looking forward to some parts of these years, but not all of them!

If you’ve got teenagers, what’s your biggest struggle right now? Our comments are open for confessions!