11 Tweets That Remind Us Kids and Halloween Are a Match Made In Heaven

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I’m going to go ahead and admit up front that Halloween is just not my favorite holiday. It’s typically cold, often rainy, you’re clad in clothing that’s not seasonally appropriate, and – if you’re me – you can’t eat half the candy you collect because of your peanut allergy.

That said, most kids love Halloween, so us parents have to troop along like the good little soldiers we are. And all the while, there’s one thing we know for sure: the scariest thing about Halloween is having to go back home with our kids.

We made them, we keep them. That’s how it works.

11. Words every parent dreads: carry this

Photo Credit: Twitter,AnniemuMary

10. Seriously, someone didn’t think this through

Photo Credit: Twitter,Jenn_H_Scott

9. Jump out and scare them for added effect!

Photo Credit: Twitter,momTruthBomb

8. Darn all those pictures of my delicious lunches!

Photo Credit: Twitter,amydillon

7. Either way, you get candy. But this is one way you get a whole lot more sleep.

Photo Credit: Twitter,2questionable

6. Terrifying

Photo Credit: Twitter,simoncholland

5. The party might be scarier, NGL

Photo Credit: Twitter,PetrickSara

4. I have a friend who bought a costume for her daughter, who then decided to be a cat at the last minute. Six years running.

Photo Credit: Twitter,yenniwhite

3. This whole having kids thing requires deep wells of patience

2. That’s what’s known as thinking ahead, kids

Photo Credit: Twitter,MyMomologue

1. Oh, showers. I miss you.

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