It can feel like dads (and men in general) get all of the credit for cracking jokes and such, but the truth is, women are totally hilarious – and when ladies are cracking jokes about marriage and family life, it’s totally awesome.

If you need proof (or just like to laugh) these 11 wives have their humor locked and loaded!

11. I mean, if you want to live.

Or stay married. Which it doesn’t seem like this husband wants to.

10. There is one of each kind of person in every relationship.

It won’t work otherwise. Just go with it, guys!

9. She would know.

At least, I hope so. I guess we’ll have to review the footage.

“What footage?” you ask. Shhhhhhh!

8. We’ve seen so many of those.

Every other picture looks amazing now.

7. He forgot to specify fun for who.

Rookie mistake.

6. You know what’s crazy, right?

Doing the same thing and expecting different results.

5. Why do we even bother?

We’re eternal optimists, I suppose.

4. See, even Twitter knows.

And they’re not even married to you.

3. And definitely don’t go looking for brie tomorrow.

It won’t be there, my friend.

2. I cannot like this fast enough.

The other option is murder.

1. There are worse things.

Especially if there are actual wings for you to nosh.

I aspire to be this funny one day! Or maybe even two days. It would be nice to have two days where I am this funny.

Is it pushing to dream for three? Possibly four?

I’ll just stick with the one for now.

Which one of these had you saying “yaaassss girl” under your breath? Tell us in the comments!