Having kids is a valid life choice that people have been making for thousands of years. Likewise, not having kids is also perfectly fine – you do you, let other people do them, and voila. 


If you’re wondering what goes through the minds of people determined to remain childfree, look no further – these 12 people are laying it all out there.

12. You definitely can’t have both.

So choose wisely!

This speaks to me
byu/I_like_it_yo inchildfree

11. It is sort of a lifetime commitment.

I don’t like most people, but I do like my people.

happy birthday to our childfree queen betty white, who so elegantly stated “the only problem with children is they grow up to be people and i just like animals better than people. it’s that simple.”
byu/arawendo inchildfree

10. Her mom definitely died inside a little when she saw this.

If she’s a good mum she got over it.

The only kind of baby clothes that matter
byu/Jakunai inchildfree

9. It’s not for everyone.

Kudos to her for knowing what she wanted and going after it.

Actress Jameela Jamil celebrates her successful CF life, shrugs off haters
byu/PurpleComet inchildfree

8. Dogs come with unexpected expenses, too.

Ask me how I know.

One could also choose the “God will provide” route as we all know that free money is a thing in this world
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7. I’d say it was worth the wait.

I wish I could have seen mom’s face.

Been waiting 20 years for a comeback like this
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6. This is actually hilarious.

I love it.


5. Some people know that’s not what they want.

And I think that’s great.

Tom Green gets it
byu/KaleBrecht inchildfree

4. Cute pj’s.

He doesn’t want none of it.

Image Credit: Imgur

3. I’d say this is definitely the case for some.

Not for everyone, though.

Welp. There it is……
byu/tazanalee inchildfree

2. I think the signs are so EMTs know what to look for in the case of an accident.

But point taken.

For the Childfree Motorist
byu/DeathMeNow inchildfree

1. It’s fun to imagine.

If you want to live it, do it!

But why imagine it, when you can live it for yourself?
by inchildfree

I mean, I have kids, but I get it. I do.

If you’re childfree, tell us in the comments what you have to explain more than anything else!