You can always rely on kids to hit the nail on the head, even if the reason they have to make up a word for something is because their vocabulary is limited to begin with – they have this way of looking at the world in this simple way that just makes sense.

Here as 12 names that kids have given to everyday things that aren’t right…but they’re definitely not wrong, either.

12. That could have gotten awkward.

“When my son was younger, we didn’t buy soda (Coke, Pepsi), so when we went to restaurants he would ask for ‘black juice.’

― Melony Murphy

11. This is funny for so many reasons.

“My daughter called pistachios ‘Grinch Nuts.’

― Lyra Maghirang

10. Preach, sister.

“Pants = ‘leg prisons’ to our oldest.”

― Christine M. Sullivan

9. I would never have corrected that.

“My 13-year-old thought it was ‘nuke warm,’ not lukewarm.”

― Callie Van Leuven

8. I mean. It fits.

“My almost 3-year-old calls the bathroom fan the ‘poop wind.’

And it will forever be called that in our house.”

― Traci Giroux

7. Like it’s all prim and proper.

“My daughter calls Wendy’s ‘the lady restaurant.’

― Amanda Liz Draper-Livengood

6. Bless his heart. How does she get him to eat mustard?

“My 3-year-old son calls mustard ‘hot dog syrup.’

― Kasi Marshall

5. How could you not?

“My daughter called a head of lettuce a ‘salad ball,’ and that’s forever what we call it.”

― Darcie Johnson Bane

4. That makes them sound pretty bada$s.

“My now 10-year-old used to say ‘hella-cockatiel’ for helicopter.”

― Jennifer Straube

3. They thought she’d been traveling without them.

“My daughter used to call a plain hamburger ‘airplane hamburger.’

It took me a while to figure it out since she had never been on a plane.”

― Margie Harper

2. No one knows quite what to say.

“My son calls the ottoman an ‘abdomen.’

It’s really funny when he goes to other people’s homes and says, ‘Can I put my feet on your abdomen?’”

― Amanda Rodriguez

1. Try not to melt.

“My son used to say he could hear my heart ‘beep.’

― Beci Figini Renot

This is the reason we have kids, y’all. One of them, anyway.

What’s a funny name your kids have given to something?

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