Raising twins is one of those things that everyone thinks would be super adorable and fun, and while I’m sure it can be those things, it’s also a whole other bag of worms – that take a whole bag of tricks to deal with.

It you’re raising twins (or are thinking you’d like to), you’re going to die at these 12 posts.

12. As long as they never know which it was.

You can’t play favorites like that.

11. Carry on, kind stranger.

Be the second guy, y’all.

10. The one time it would actually be helpful.

Bless his heart.

9. I think the right person got the twins.

I’m just saying.

8. Just say yes.

And every once in a while say “no, that’s your brother” so they don’t catch on.

7. All of these are excellent.

Why think up your own reply when these already exist?

6. The prank that keeps on giving.

God is super hilarious, right?

5. Sure, in a perfect world.

But they’re obviously always going to have their birthdays together anyway.

4. Whatever you’ve gotta do to make it through.

I mean that literally.

3. Now that’s solidarity.

I’m imagining the decibel level right now.

2. It’s not the worst advce.

Tell me how that works out for you in the end.


1. I cannot with this.

My ovaries are exploding.

Parents are so funny, y’all. What choice do they have?

If you’re a twin or have twins, add your funny anecdote in the comments!

Thanks, fam!