There are plenty of woeful tales about things gone wrong during those days, weeks, and months of remote learning. No one was really prepared, and we’ve all been learning on the fly, so if you consider both of those things, we’re doing pretty well.

The funny stories are the ones that keep us going, if you ask me – they remind us no one knows what they’re doing, and that laughter is the thing that will get us through.

12. At least it was health class. Could be incorporated into the lesson!

Someone accidentally joined with a video camera and he was full on naked in front of the class.

Teacher was a 60 year old woman in health class and it was just full on awkward the entire class.

11. Everyone knows you’ve gotta look out for those roosters.

One of my friends screamed as loud as he could “OH FU*K” When my teacher asked him what was wrong he said, and I quote. “Sorry i just got attacked by my rooster.”

My teacher was just like Will, show me your rooster, he then proceeded to go outside and show my teacher his 10 chickens. Literally wasted half a class and was an absolute legend.

10. Well that’s a nightmare.

Our geography teacher accidentally left her screenshare on, went to her email, and clicked on a message, the first sentence of which was:

“Dear [our teacher’s name] I’m so sorry about your divorce with Jeremy.”

She never realized.

9. Ways to kill your classmates, for sure.

Some guy I know took a crap with his mic on unknowingly.

It was silent, then just a little ‘plop’. I’m dying just thinking about it.

8. It’s probably a good thing you can’t slap someone through the screen.

I had a 9 am class and the professor was being so obnoxiously loud and a student didn’t know their mic.

Was on and called the professor annoying and said he was going to jerk off to pass time.

7. We’re all worried about the cat.

First day of online classes with a very respected professor.

Of the 10 people participating, 5 had their camera on and I among these five.

I noticed my cat moving behind me and, out of nowhere, the teacher shouts: “THE CAT FELL OUT OF THE BED !!”.

At least it helped with breaking the ice…

6. She was trying to humble brag, maybe.

I teach college students.

Boyfriend of one of my students walked by naked in the background during lecture.

I think he had just gotten out of the shower.

5. This made me smile.

My algebra teacher has a cat who is very clingy and loves her a lot. So often she’ll be doing a lesson and her cat will be sitting on the desk nearby.

One time, my teacher was using highlighters on some notes and Bella(the cat) suddenly grabbed one, the class heard my teacher trying to grab the highlighters from the cat when suddenly Bella’s face reappeared on camera with a highlighter smear across her nose. It was really cute , highlight of my day.

4. So fun when everyone joins in.

A bunch of boys in my AP English class decided one Friday to turn their cameras on and wear hats, like sombreros, cowboy hats, and fedoras. The teacher found it comical and went to his closet to get himself a hat as well and sunglasses.

In the end there were around ten people wearing hats and sunglasses in the meeting.

3. What a trooper.

kind of funny, my whole class watched as our professor fell off his chair, stood up, and started screaming for his wife to call the ambulance his arm was broken.

I guess he was in shock or something because then he continued with the lesson for another 45 minutes until paramedics had arrived stabilized him and were ready to take him to the hospital. He then told us to have a good day and that we would end today’s lesson a bit earlier.

2. Teachers of young kids have it so rough.

Daughter’s a Special Ed Preschool teacher. On Zoom. It’s as hilarious as it sounds.

She discovered that when she loses internet, Zoom chooses a Cohost if one isn’t assigned.

A 3yo became Cohost until she could get back online (using a phone tether).

Her aide is now the permanent cohost.

1. Kids have learned nothing.

Someone just straight up typed the word “po*n” In the chat with no context.

I’m pretty sure he meant to type it into Google…

These are downright hilarious, and I love the human factor it’s giving to people’s teachers and professors.

If you’ve been doing remote school, share your funniest stories with us down in the comments!