I’ve been writing these tweet lists for awhile, but I’m still not ready to weigh in on whether moms or dads have cornered the market on internet humor.

There is one thing I can say for sure, though – dads definitely have their own patented brand of jokes. Which is obviously something these 12 dads have cashed in on in a big way.

12. She will, too.

On the upside, you probably don’t really need another pair of socks, anyway.

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11. That will definitely do it.

I think the church should look into that.

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10. Why would they do it any earlier?

They’re not about helping you out.

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9. Some things just aren’t worth fighting about.

Especially not when they’re hilarious.

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8. Weird kids are my favorite.

As long as they don’t kill me in my sleep.

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7. Skills for a lifetime, my friends.

You absolutely can never laugh when you shouldn’t with kids.

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6. It’s a good skill to have.

Being prepared is also advisable.

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5. She’s obviously a genius so.

No arguments here.

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4. She probably knew what she was doing.

That, or she just really likes you with a beard.

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3. You’ve gotta admire his thinking.

You don’t have to give him the popsicle, though.

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2. They’re so sweet.

I mean, at least he’s going to miss you.

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1. Rage cleaning is the only way to live.

Or the only way to ensure other people live, anyway.

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Dad jokes are welcome here any time, y’all. I love it.

What’s your favorite dad joke? I want to hear all of the best ones in the comments!