Being a parent is no joke, y’all – it’s hard work, and we all deserve a break now and then.

If you haven’t been able to take that trip or even that solo trip to Target in awhile, the next best thing is commiserating with other parents on the internet. For me, that totally involves laughing with other parents about how our lives are so much different than we expected – and tweets like these 12 go a long way toward making that happen!

12. That’s a burn, for sure.

I think this generation will be alright.

11. Wait, that’s not what I mean.

Hello anxiety my old friend.

10. Are you sure about that?

Because I’m definitely not.

9. It’s such a hard task.


8. Not only dirt.

Basically anything at all except what you’ve made for dinner.

7. The grass is always greener.

At least now I’m allowed to stay up and watch TV.

6. This is it in a nutshell.

You need a break, you miss them when you get one.

5. It will last decades.

The memories won’t exactly be sweet, though.

4. Don’t forget the cheese.

That’s a decent life lesson right there.

3. That would be a totally different conversation in a decade or so.

Not nearly as funny, probably.

2. A major miscommunication.

That just sounds like a lot of work.

1. Just in the shower?

We find them everywhere in our house.

See? Parenting can totally be funny through the right lens.

Which of these did you forward to a mom or dad friend? Tell us in the comments!