There must be an age when being clueless becomes less adorable and more what-the-f*ck, right?

I’m not sure exactly what that threshold is, but I am sure that these 12 kids are still in the safe zone. Because even though they know absolutely nothing, they’re still as cute as heck.

I forgive them.

12. He had a different fashion statement in mind, clearly.

It was probably one that involved a lot less clothing, if he’s like my kid.

11. Those are definitely legs.

But let’s be honest, that face was nothing to write home about.

10. Well, he got one thing right.

May he maintain his passion, but in a more useful manner.

Aah the young mind of a young child
byu/bartdw01 inKidsAreFuckingStupid

9. Toddlers do not care about your things.

They have flushed expensive things down the toilet and they will do it again.

While the world is fighting over TP, my toddler is giving ours a bath.
byu/dmclb inKidsAreFuckingStupid

8. That kid is going to rule the world.

And also always win at games.

Found while walking dog
byu/south_mnt_skinwalker inKidsAreFuckingStupid

7. Now is the time to confess, I suppose.

That was the only option then, I suppose.

6. That makes me laugh, but it is really dumb.

I’m going to have to remember that for a book one day.

Photo Credit: Me.Me

5. I want an updated picture of them doing the same thing.

Also, someone call CPS for adults.

4. 100% applaud her letting him do it.

And somehow managing to not explain herself at every house.

3. I’m pretty sure this is how comedians are born.

The good ones, anyway.

2. This definitely qualifies as adorably clueless.

Best friends never outgrow each other.

1. That kid is not going to be the class rebel.

But he is going to be a responsible pet owner, so there’s that.

This is just the kind of content I need in my life right now.

Which was your favorite kid?

If they were yours would you laugh or disown them? Both? Tell us in the comments!