If you think that there’s nothing different between dating and living with someone and actually being married, well…it’s because you’ve never signed that piece of paper.

Things are different, I tell ya, which is why only married people will really get these 12 memes.

12. That honestly served him right.

This is low key petty revenge and I am here for it.

11. It’s like you don’t even know the woman you married.

It’s one of the reasons you love her, no?

10. Why is this so real?

We might as well just go ahead and make dinner.

9. This is the realest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

I mean. I’m laughing.

8. This is called teamwork, people.

The kids are going to be okay.

7. Dads just think they’re so funny with their jokes.

It’s not always funny, guys.

6. Seriously why do you need to know that right now?

Isn’t it bedtime or something?

5. It’s important to challenge gender norms when you can.

Also men have no business running the remote.

4. Is that how I ruined mine?

Those things are worthless don’t buy them. #verygoodadvice

3. Never let them forget.

Those poor plants, though. What did they ever do to you?

2. Okay how about YOU play with them, then?

No? Okay then shut up.

1. Define problem.

I will toast to carbs any day of the week.

As a married woman, I have to say, these are spot on – and exactly what I needed today.

Married people, weigh in – which ones were your favorite?