These are rough times, and there are plenty of reason to be down and full of frowns day in and day out. It can be hard to find ways to turn that frown upside down, too, because by now, you’ve surely seen all your spouse and Netflix have to offer.

That’s where the internet comes in, my friends – memes are always there for you, no matter what sort of day you’re having, they’re bound to coax out a smile.

12. I like you, Mary.

Except for the part about not eating crap.

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11. It’s cold out there.

We’ve gotta look out for each other.

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10. That’s a heavy instrument to drag around.

I bet he’s got some killer biceps.

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9. That face breaks my heart.

He’s just so sweet.

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8. I know they’re rodents, but…

Still cute. They can’t help it.

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7. Cats always win the internet.

Cats in a sweater? Forgetaboutit.

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6. I am a puddle of tears.

Dang internet onions.

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5. No matter what it is.

This is always the right answer, because you didn’t have to make it yourself.

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4. One day he will find a bin of that collection.

Because this is a good dad.

Image Credit: Reddit

3. One of the good ones.

There are always kids who need them.

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2. Parents are good and noble creatures.

The ones who are trying, anyway.

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1. One person is always more serious.

It’s the only way a marriage of gaming partners works.

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I’m feeling lighter now, so that’s nice.

What’s your go-to way to feel better when it’s a day? 

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