I love looking at vintage photographs. They’re little snapshots of times gone by, and the people who lived in them so well and so fully, and glimpses into the pasts of our parents, grandparents, and beyond of what they might have been like before we knew them as “older.”

If you love them, too, you’re going to want to scroll through this list of 12 vintage images that are undeniably cool.

12. There is nothing wrong with this entire photo.

Her expression, her gaze, those jewels…AHHH.

My grandmother was a total babe. I’ve been going through all her old albums and have found so many amazing pictures! This bunch is from the 1940s and early 50s.
by inOldSchoolCool

11. The inspiration for Napoleon Dynamite?

If not, what a coincidence!

My dad at 20 years old in 1978, 26 years before Napoleon Dynamite was released.
byu/nonepizza_leftbeef_ inOldSchoolCool

10. That hair.

No way you could miss it was from the 80s.

My uncle sent me this photo of my dad sometime in the 80s. I haven’t seen him much because of the pandemic, and I miss him a lot.
byu/babykeekee inOldSchoolCool

9. Wow, this is totally classic.

I love her hair.

My beautiful mom, 1950s, Costa Rica
byu/yasegura inOldSchoolCool

8. She was a bombshell.

Hollywood should have come calling.

My grandmother, Alicia Valdés, at 19 looking like a movie star.
byu/EstebanCastle inOldSchoolCool

7. That fierce stance.

Don’t mess with this lady.

My mom, modeling in Miami around 1987
byu/sushilovesnori inOldSchoolCool

6. Her style is killer.

This woman has it all.

My mom in Japan in the early 70s
byu/boulderlea inOldSchoolCool

5. Vintage sorority girl.

She definitely had her pick of beaus, I bet!

[deleted by user]
by inOldSchoolCool

4. What a fantastic smile.

I want to hear her stories.

[deleted by user]
by inOldSchoolCool

3. I bet she won him over.

I hope a lifetime of fishing was their future.

My mom, age ~19, after a day of fishing with her future FIL. Around 1966.
byu/MerryTexMish inOldSchoolCool

2. Just beautiful.

Some parts of the 60s would have been fun to visit.

Granny – back in the 60’s
byu/Clemmson inOldSchoolCool

1. Right before her life was about to change.

That dress is fire.

My Grandma in 1958, the same year she had my mom.
byu/gillynt inOldSchoolCool

I could look at pictures like these just all day, y’all. But then again, I just love nostalgic stuff. I wish I could be transported back to these times… if only for a week or two.

Which one was your favorite and why? Tell us in the comments!