We all like to joke about the silly, odd, frustrating, and annoying aspects of parenting.

That’s it. That’s the pitch – no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

So you know, if you’re a parent, these 12 tweets are going to see all too real.

12. As long as there’s coffee, everything will be fine.

Mostly. Probably. Don’t run out.

11. I wish I was this kind of mom.

I am the opposite sort of mom.


10. Or make that squeaking sound.

Whoever invented those is the worst.

9. Isn’t it cute how they watch everything you do?

And then repeat it at the worst possible moment?

8. Kids are kind of magic, aren’t they?

For better or worse.

7. I think that’s why they invented a Ken.

Why else would he be necessary? He has no genitals.

6. Throw in some Netflix and he’s got it.

The trifecta, as George Costanza would say.

5. You still had to stop and listen, though.

It’s a parent rule.

4. It’s a step in the right direction.

Though I doubt she would have cleaned it up afterward.

3. This is actually a necessary thing in life.

Where’s the Kickstarter?


2. She was also accidentally very quiet.

And sitting somewhere very out of the way.

1. I don’t think a sore throat is a symptom.

Of course, you never can tell.

Isn’t it nice to know we’re not alone, though?

What’s the realest thing your kids have done this week? Tell us about it in the comments!