Kids are a lot of things, some of them at once, and they go hard every single day of the week – but one thing they all are is weird. They say weird stuff, they act like little freaks half of the time, and yeah, they totally get obsessed with the strangest things all on their own.

If you’ve got kids, you could probably answer this question, but maybe if you find your own kid’s obsession on this list of 12, you’ll have to think it’s not so weird after all.

12. Those are healthy foods, though.

She could have insisted she was Italian and demanded pizza for every meal.

11. We could form a rotation, maybe.

Someone has to be super into Sonic the Hedgehog, right?

10. Bless their hearts.

I cannot with this as a mom but as a human I kind of love it.

9. Eh, she’ll get over it eventually.

Probably. Maybe.

8. I’ve never read anything more real.

The fact that he’s totally serious makes 100% sense to me.

7. There are worse things.

At least you know he’s got good taste.

6. This is flat-out adorable.

I have questions about the helmet but honestly I don’t need answers.

5. I’m not sure she actually learning anything.

I’m sure it’s amusing, though.

4. Either nothing or anything entertains them.

There is no in between.

3. Who else’s would they be?

That’s the real question here if you ask me.

2. This is your new normal.

Embrace it!

1. You might be living with an alien.

I’m just saying.

See? Your kid is totally normal. Probably.

What odd obsession is happening in your house right now? Tell us about it in the comments!