I would guess that a majority of parents are out there every day doing the best they can for their kids, and not only that, they actually enjoy being parents, too.

That doesn’t mean the days or (long) nights are easy, though, or that sometimes we don’t feel like we’re about to lose our minds – or that we can’t still laugh while acknowledging some totally brutal truths like these 12.

12. And then acting disappointed to boot.

Also hoping the kid who’s going to cry if he loses wins.

11. There’s just no break.

Although we still do enforce “rest time” in our house.

10. Or up their nostrils.

Or my favorite, the dog’s butt.

9. Well that can be romantic, too.

Just lock the door for 15 minutes and let them fend for themselves.

8. Time to buy the sticks.

Just to mess with her.

7. Literally everything.

And for some reason you’re not afraid to sniff it.

6. She didn’t even bother with “asking for a friend.”

Although we are our own best friends.

5. Followed closely by finding just a Sharpie lid.

They are little horror shows, aren’t they?

4. It can be hard to get mad at them.

It’s kind of like getting angry with yourself.

3. Anything can be a good deal if it gets you out of there.

There comes a moment when you’ve just got to go.

2. We’re living in a haunted house.

And there’s no way out.

1. She’s not wrong.

Kind of makes you wonder why we bother.

Hey, you – no matter tough today was, you made it through. You can do it again tomorrow!

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