Let’s be honest for a moment, fellow parents, shall we?

Sometimes, the only way we’re getting through the days is to keep it real, y’all – even when it’s awful and awkward and messy. Maybe especially when it’s those things, because if you look hard enough, those moments are also funny.

If you look at them right.

That’s exactly what these 12 parents are doing, and bless their hearts, too!

12. There is no good reason.

Tacos for everyone!

11. Why are kids like this?

Also, why are husbands like this?

10. If this ain’t the truth.

It’s good to me mommy sometimes. But not all of the time.

9. There’s no better way to thank you mother.

Fries are love people. Fries are love.

8. Just go ahead and be grateful you’re still ignorant.

As long as you choose to be, at any rate.

7. He’s been taught well.

He’s ready for the world now, honestly.

6. She is wise, this wee one.

The preschoolers know things innately. Like that pie is life.

5. He’s so close.

Maybe to becoming a vegetarian.

4. It was really the best option.

Just don’t make it a habit. Or do, what do I care?

3. This girl is going places.

It takes some people decades to figure out how to say this.

2. Girlfriend, never lose that passion.

But salads are also delicious sometimes.

1. He knew it was coming.

It ’tis the way of the world.

I need parent friends like these in my life.

What do you look for in mom and/or dad friends? Tell us about it in the comments!