How many children a couple has is an intensely personal decision – whether it’s 0 or 6, it’s important to remember that it’s nobody’s business but theirs!

That said, you might be wondering how you’ll know whether you’re ready to add one more. If so, check out these 12 parents and the moment they knew it was time to start trying again.

12. They all eventually grow up and leave you. Sniff.

“When my 8-year-old became ‘too cool’ to love me.”

11. Instantly afflicted.

“Our daughter was 3 years old, and I saw my husband hold our friend’s baby and got instant baby fever.”

10. Honestly, that still could have gone either way.

“Our first daughter was about to turn two, and she had declared that all of her stuffed animals were her babies. She would feed them, rock them, and put them down for a nap. We just knew she was ready for a baby, so we decided to have our second. And of course her big sister adores her.”

9. They fade so quickly.

“When I started to miss all of those ‘baby things’ as my daughter grew — the babbles, the toothless smiles, the fat rolls, and the chunky thighs.”

8. IDK, sometimes going backward is worse.

“The moment my first child became easier to handle, started communicating better, was more independent, and was potty-trained. Two kids in diapers? No thank you.”

7. Always solid decision making!

“When we were on vacation and had too much wine. Cue the drunken ramblings of, ‘You’re cute, I’m cute, our baby is cute, and we’re so damn good at making babies.'”

6. Rainbow baby.

“Our first child was only 5 months old, and we were actively trying to prevent getting pregnant. But lo and behold, we got pregnant again. And when we found out we miscarried the baby, suddenly our desperate need for a second child was very strong.”

5. The hormones are real.

“I knew I was ready for my second while I was still on the delivery table with my first. I blame the hormones.”

4. You forget so many things.

“When my son started sleeping through the night, and we both agreed ‘that wasn’t that bad.’ We just forgot.”

3. Sure, if you were looking for one.

“We had been going back and forth about having another child, but when I tried to refill my birth control, I discovered that my prescription had expired and that my doctor was out of the country. I took it as a sign.”

2. A light at the end of the tunnel…that you just started going through all over again.

“I was certain I only wanted one child. But then my son turned four, and overnight he went from a devilish toddler to a small gentleman. And suddenly, I saw an end to the madness.”

1. This is a big one.

“When my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and my mom and her siblings rallied around each other, I realized I didn’t ever want my child to go through something like that alone.”

I still think I’m good with two….for now.