One of the truest things about parenting across the board is how lonely life with kids can feel, especially when those kiddos are small. Once they start to make friends and play sports, you also start to make friends, and to realize that this whole time, others have been navigating the same brave new world.

If you’re looking for some of that sort of comfort today – along with a laugh – we’ve got 12 posts that should fix you right up.

12. Her kids wait until the middle?

I wonder how she got them to do that…

11. You don’t need to hire a private eye.

There are perks to kids being so dumb.

10. He could definitely sell that concept.

Except I think the makers of Cocoa Krispies might have beaten him to it.

9. He’s not wrong.

Raising that boy right.

8. Truer words.

Of course, clumsy adults already have this practice down.

7. He’s about to find out how hilarious it is to use a mop.

That’ll teach him. But not about April Fool’s Day.

6. Hit ’em where it hurts.

They need to know that you’re serious.

5. He’s been paying attention.

A rare quality in a male.

4. No one expected that.

But they probably should have.

3. So much laundry.

They tell you, but you don’t really understand.

2. Absolutely terrifying.

Just by existing. Wild.

1. Or possibly stop lights.

Bless his heart.

I’m feeling like I want to toast all of these parents, preferably with a cocktail on someone’s patio.

What was the best way for you to make friends with other parents? Tell us in the comments!