There are plenty of people in the world who are deprived of the experience of having a truly wonderful mother, but for those of us who have gotten lucky, we know we can always count on her for a kind word when we need one.

One Twitter user suggested that anytime you send a selfie to your mom, she’ll send you a nice comment in return – and after these 12 others put her theory to the test, we have to conclude she’s right.

12. Mom is straight up savage.

That’s how you know she’s good at her job.

11. The memoji!

That’s how you know it’s from a mom!

10. Even if it’s just a heart.

You know she loves you.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

9. Pretty in any language.

Also that light is killer.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

8. Awww, y’all.

This just made me smile so big.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

7. We all need this energy every day.

Big mom loves you energy please.

6. Just to clarify.

I am absolutely dead.

5. Ok maybe not all moms.

I’m sure she still loves her, though.

4. Unsolicited advice for the win.

Classic mom move.

3. That is love right there.

Can’t you feel it?

2. Mom wants to see more options.

Which, you know. Fair.

1. She missed that one just a bit.

At least she’s concerned.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

Moms know how to make us happy, don’t they?

Send a selfie to your mom and tell us her response in the comments!