The internet is not always the place to go for purity – or the warm fuzzies for that matter – but sometimes, it manages to surprise us.

If wholesome, sweet, and pure is what you’re craving today, we think these 12 posts have you covered.

12. Family weight loss.

I hope they’re all happy with where they are.

11. It really does take a village.

You just have to be open to the connection.

Image Credit: World Wide Interwebs

10. She just noticed.

What a bang-up job human-ing.

I’ve been biking to work in the cold every morning, my coworker noticed and she made me this scarf and beanie
byu/Then_Ad7687 inMadeMeSmile

9. Well if that’s not the best.

Then I really don’t know what is.

The kind of motivation we need
byu/kimeysia inwholesome

8. This is honestly peak grandpa.

You could not create a more grandpa picture if you tried.

The first selfie my grandpa took with his new phone.
byu/bosvert234 inaww

7. What gorgeous photos.

Of a gorgeous lady.

6. I’m trying to do the math.

But it all adds up to adorable.

Image Credit: World Wide Interwebs

5. Dogs always know.

And we definitely don’t deserve them.

My dad was worried my deafblind dog wouldn’t recognize him after a year of quarantine but I think she did
byu/haydenkristal inaww

4. That’s a full circle you love to see.

I’m so happy for a stranger!

Image Credit: Imgur

3. Those cats have faith.

I hope that kid knows how much that means.

Anxiously awaiting toy retrieval
byu/my_stupid_name inaww

2. There’s a person for everyone.

When you find yours, hold on tight.

1. Look at his face, y’all.

Who is cutting onions in here??

my father meeting his first grandson
byu/bubblegumprincesss inMadeMeSmile

I love to see it, I have to say. There’s just something about wholesome content like this that makes me feel so great. I bet they make you feel great too.

Which one of these gave you the warm fuzzies? We want to know down in the comments!