I’m sure that some people are funny before they become parents, but I think even more of us can tell a mean story after the fact – probably just because kids give us so much material.

Or maybe it’s that sleep deprivation removes a lot of inhibitions

Either way, we think you’re going to get a good chuckle out of this list of 12 recent funny tweets.

12. If you’re wondering why your storage is always full…

You might have a 3yo.

11. Someone is excited.

But I mean. Does it have wings, son?

10. It’s like an obstacle course.

And I am not winning any prizes.

9. Funny how that works?

Like a chip off the old block, probably.

8. It was the shrug that did it.

The face paint is coming out next.

7. That must be some vacuum cleaner.

But yeah, that’s like some kind of joke, right?

6. I think it’s a baby.

Just a guess, though.

5. I not religious, but…

I feel like a discussion might be in order.

4. You could feel guilty about it.

But why would you want to do that?

3. If you really think about it…

Maybe he has a future in broadcasting!

2. Ask yourself what Mom might be doing inside still.

Because your father isn’t.

1. Three gets ignored.

It’s the actual worst. 2’s are great!

Y’all, I loved these so much.

Tell us in the comments which were your favorites!