More and more people are making the decision to remain childfree, and for all kinds of reasons. They’re all valid, but as someone who did decide to have kids, sometimes I feel like they can be a little smug about all of their free time and ability to travel and sleep in on the weekends.

If you feel the same way, you might want to avoid these posts – though of course, the truest things are always the funniest.


13. Too much togetherness is breaking some of us.

And no end in sight.

12. That’s one other option.

Also, “whatever we want” works.

What could be more important than creating life? from childfree

11.  This is completely fair.

When they’re not yours, it’s a toss-up.

Made me giggle snort from childfree

10. All you need to know.

It works. Boom.

Top Notch Product Review from childfree

9. They fail to make the connection.

Probably on purpose.

8. I hope they took a nice vacation.

Have a few drinks for the rest of us.

7. Idk I still feel like I would be extra tired.

And my back would hurt a lot more than in my 20s.

As long as you don’t have kids, your life is like your 20s but with money. from childfree

6. This seriously doesn’t make any sense.

They’re both destructive. Equally.

Child fees should be a thing and dogs should be free from childfree

5. Don’t be frightened.

They mean well.

My friend sent this to me [Humor] from childfree

4. Pretty sure we’ve all been that woman at some point.

Or we will be.

3. I mean, it’s just money.

I feel like the environment is a better argument.

Haha not in this economy! from childfree

2. I don’t think this really solves the problem.

I’m just saying.

Only in London from childfree

1. Say it with me.

Don’t just wing it, folks.

Nothing beats it from childfree

See what I mean? Smug (but funny)!

What’s your reason for remaining childfree? Drop it on us in the comments!