Are you having a rough day with the kids? Is there not enough coffee in the world, or are your kids fighting about everything before 8am?

I’m not saying other people’s funny tweets are the answer to all of your problems, but I am saying it can’t hurt – and these 13 posts are bound to make things at least a little bit better.

13. Real talk.

There’s no vacationing or relaxing anymore sorry.

12. It makes no sense.

I guess it must to them, idk.

11. Seriously I’m trying to live my life.

Not everyone needs a clean house okayyyyyy.

10. Does she know something we don’t?

I wonder if she eats bacon.

9. Seems likely.

You can just make up whatever you want about babies tbh.

8. That about sums it up.

It’s totally weird.

7. A nursing home sounds pretty great.

I hear there’s lots of friskiness there.

6. An important question.

Girl knows what it’s all about.

5. He’s probably not wrong.

My kids probably think my job is staring at my phone.

4. He needs to be consulted.

Honestly, maybe his opinion would have been worth it.

3. They definitely believed it.

Because we are older than dirt.

2. Appropriate response.

I’m sure she’ll be fine.

1. I’ve been called worse things.

I’m just saying.

I still need more coffee, but I’ve gotta say, I am feeling better.

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