If no one has ever said it’s a sense of humor that keeps relationships fresh and alive, they certainly should have. I personally believe that the couples who laugh, tease, and generally give each other sh*t have the very best chance of making it.

These 13 wives are holding up their end of the bargain, and I sure hope their husbands have the sense of humor to match!

Otherwise, there could be trouble.

13. Yes, now that we’re all on the same page.

Though honestly any husband who actually witnessed childbirth has to give us this one.

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@mrsjones505 is comedian. #funnywife #funnylife #marriedlife #parenting #marriedwithchildren

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12. There is no way to make your man happier.

Well, fine, maybe a FEW ways, but not over text.

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11. “Love you anyway.” Lol.

I’m guessing he knew what he was getting into when he married her.

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Someone was complaining about the lack of baked goods while I've been on vacation. #GiveMeLipWillYa #sarcasticwife

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10. I can almost smell the perfume.

Everyone needs something to snuggle.

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Coming back from Savannah after dropping off the boy, @murphyfunkhousercapps and I passed each other as she goes to spend 5 days in Knoxville. She wanted to make sure I didn’t get lonely. Hysterical, honey. #safetymannequin #funnywife #neversleepalone #idigtassles

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9. I’m not sure any of this made him feel better.

But it IS candy so I’d say there’s a decent chance.

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8. I’m definitely going to need some brown Play-Doh.

Though with two toddlers and a puppy in the house, I’m not likely to get blamed.

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This is what I come home too. #prank #playdoh #playdohpoop #daughterthinksshesfunny #comedy #poop

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7. You gotta go with what the Spaghetti-Os give you.

You don’t pick the letters. The letters pick you.

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6. That’s just the pick-me-up he needed I’m sure.

But also, where did she get those Post-Its?

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When you open up your work note book in a meeting and find a note from your wife. #hilariouswife #iamstillthefunnyone

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5. I mean sometimes the jokes write themselves.

And you can’t NOT send them.

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4. I’m not sure my husband would find this amusing.

Going to get me one of these anyway.

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#funnywife #interiordesign #bathroomdecor look what my wife got for me

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3. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Formal or informal, take the night off.

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She thinks I'm going to accept after the previous rejection? #thinkingaboutit #potentialdatenight #mywifeisfunny

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2. Anytime you can make your husband laugh is the right time.

And drawing penises is never not funny.

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When your wife makes you dinner… 😒#wifethinksshesfunny #dinner #notfunny

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1. If you want to keep him on his toes…

This should definitely do the trick.

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This could go one of two ways, and I hope she remembers I like Miracle Whip. Happy Anniversary to my crazy little thing called love @okersonc #murderyawithsmiles #13years #gomakemeasandwich #13yearsoffun #happyanniversary #anniversary #mygirl #mylove #killersmiles #horrorfan #jasonvorhees #chchchahahah #best13thyearidea #mylove #miraclewhip #nottherealgift #marriageisfun

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Seriously, I bow to them. I hope I am half this funny one day.

What’s the funniest thing you ever did to your spouse? Did they appreciate it? Tell us the story in the comments!