As anyone who owns small humans can tell you, kids are super duper weird. They say funny stuffy because they have no idea what they’re talking about most of the time, they can fall asleep literally anywhere (though they usually don’t), and most of parenting young kids is trying to convince them to stay alive.

And these 13 kids? They’re way, way more comfortable than they should be, given the circumstances.

13. Just a quick nap in the middle of playtime…

12. My body hurts just looking at this.

11. If it fits, they sits.

10. Yoga-doers, eat your heart out.

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Guys…..I don’t get it….Brielle falls asleep in such weird ways when we are driving 😂 this has to be one of the weirdest yet. #briellenicole#carseatsleeping#ouch#thismakesmyneckhurtjustlookingatthispicture

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9. Kids would rather sit in their car seat ANY WAY but the right way. Facts.

8. I am so uncomfortable right now.

7. Huh. They really do just melt in your mouth.

6. How do you not notice that?

5. I honestly don’t even know what’s happening here.

4. Put that kid to work come the holidays!

3. He looks like a deep-sea diver.

2. My sleep-hating kids would never.

1. They all definitely think this is comfortable.

Kids are amazing.

If you have some, I guarantee you they’re giving you reasons to laugh these days!

Which of these kids made you the most uncomfortable with their antics?

Tell us in the comments!