We all need a little escape from the days now and then – and that goes double after you’ve been crammed inside your house with nothing but your family for company for months on end.

I know memes aren’t going to cure all of your ails or anything, but it’s nice to laugh with other people who really get why it’s funny, right?

And these 13 memes are going to get a nod and a chuckle from parents everywhere.

13. And you’re pretty sure they, didn’t, but…

You honestly never really know.

12. Dad goals period.

If we’re being completely honest.

11. The grocery bill is obscene.

Only partially because of all the Ben & Jerry’s I’ve been eating.

10. They mean it, too.

You might as well have named then all Karen and Chad.

9. There are days when you get a combo.

But you can’t tell because your kids are…kids.

8. We all want to marry this man.

And not just because of his beard.

7. Some days you could do this face until you died.

And they still wouldn’t act right.

6. Thanks for noticing, sweetie.

Listen, I’ll happily take the excuse for a 2 hour break.

5. It’s not a pretty sight.

At least no one is going to see you besides your family.

4. This makes me giggle.

That’s because I’m a mom, and it wasn’t my husband that said it.

3. It’s like their father is invisible.

Until they want something they’re sure you’ll say no to, anyway.

2. I would take issue with this.

Have you ever cleaned a bathroom after a potty-training 3yo AND his father?

1. This is so very true.

And wearying. It’s so very wearying, as well.

I’m definitely smiling now, because I know I’m not alone!

Which one of these rang the truest for you? Tell us in the comments!