I think we’re all aware by now that while celebrities and their social media feeds are fun to follow, they don’t represent “real” life in pretty much any sense of the word. They have assistants and nannies and chefs, and you know. A whole lot of money.

There are far more of us leading mundane lives, which is what comedian and mom Celeste Barber leans into with her funny Instagram posts that recreate the posts of celebrity moms.

13. Look what money can buy.

Definitely better Spanx.

12. Where did she get this outfit?

I am dead.

11. Both of them look extremely uncomfortable.

Stay away from my bum, swimsuits.

10. Is it wrong to want to ask where Celeste got her underwear?

They look comfy.

9. This is just too real.

Are you cracking up now, too?

8. This one really isn’t bad.

I think she needs longer hair, though.

7. She looks like a demented Who.

I cannot.

6. I would buy tickets to this dance off.

I’m just saying.

5. That picture Celeste had printed.

A classic, to be sure.

4. That is an enormous tree.

And also, I feel that expression in the “real” mom picture.

3. She’s gonna need a bigger bag.

The postpartum body demands it.

2. Truer words.

Also, carbs always make you happy.

1. Let it all hang out.

Anything else is too much work.

I cannot stop laughing at these, y’all. The moms are nailing these recreations. I can barely tell the difference!


Tell me down in the comments which one struck you the hardest!