It can be hard for kids to imagine the lives their parents might have had before they were born – but even when they were too young to remember. There are also myriad reasons parents might want to keep their kids in the dark about those times, because parenthood is one of those times when “don’t ask, don’t tell” can seem like the best way to go.

These 13 parents are hoping to keep their secrets for a bit longer, and all I’ve gotta say is good luck to them!

13. I knew it!

As the parent: Mommy and Daddy don’t really take 30 minutes to get dressed in the morning with our door locked… I think they believe its normal to take “A LONG TIME” because “we do”, but… its always the easiest excuse.

12. Poor Dad.

Speaking as the child, but my parents split up when I was about 6 months old. As I grew up, I’d question why. My dad always said there were money issues. My mom always said they weren’t meant to be.

Finally, when I was about 21, I overheard my aunt telling my girlfriend the truth: while my mom was a few months pregnant with me, my dad walked in on her and another guy having s^x. They were engaged at this point. They decided they were going to try making it work after this incident for my sake. Obviously, that didn’t last much longer.

Neither of them know I know the truth. My mom is married to the guy she cheated on my dad with. My dad now has three sons with three different women and seemingly can’t find happiness. I love my step-dad, so I’m not upset about anything, but I feel terrible for my dad.

11. He would be soooooo mad.

My husband and I play battlefield together for hours when my son goes to bed. We strictly limit his video game time these days as he was getting pretty addicted to gaming. It was affecting his grades at school, so we pulled the pin for a few months before allowing him an hour or two on the weekends.

I agree whole heatedly about introducing hobbies and activities into kids lives! Without bombarding them with too much! Since my son has started to play sport, he’s met some quality friends. He’s happier now and spends a lot more time doing things he enjoyed doing before his gaming addiction.

10. Some things they really don’t need to know.

As the kid: I found out when I was about 20 that after my brother and sister were born, mum wanted another child built dad didn’t because he got the son he wanted. So she went off the pill and didn’t tell him.

It actually explains a huge amount about our relationship (brother is the favourite, sister and I were largely ignored and could never do anything right).

9. The betrayal!

I hide the good snacks on the top shelf of the pantry where he can’t see.

8. How did that never come up?

I’m the child in this one, though I’m 55. Father passed away 20 years ago. Mom is 83. Last year I went on and found out my dad was married twice before he married my mom. Have no idea if she knows and can’t bring myself to ask.

7. Here’s hoping he can manage it.

Coming from the child point of view. My dad cheated on his girlfriend when he was a young adult and got the girl he cheated with pregnant. And that’s how my half sisters were born!

And how my dad ended up in a nasty divorce that left him broke! Also my grandpa cheated on his wife and that’s why I have 2 grandma’s on my dad’s side.

I have made the vow to break the chain of adultery in my family.

6. I don’t know whether or not I could resist.

Can I share a secret that I know but my mom doesn’t know I know?

My parents got divorced when I was 3. I don’t remember it very well other than them yelling at each other a lot. Many years later my father was upset about something and told me the reason they got a divorce was because my mother was cheating on him with my now step-dad who lived on the floor above them. That sucks.

It doesn’t really change my view of my mom because she was always very loving and is a great person. But it’s an interesting view into her life that I’ve never talked about with her. I’m 40 now and everyone is pretty happy. I don’t see any point in bringing it up.

5. How sweet. Ha!

Both our children were drunken birthday presents. One is born nine months after his birthday, one nine months after mine.

Also, mum supported dad through university and earned the deposit for their home by working as a strippergram.

4. Sometimes you don’t get the answer you expect.

I’m the kid, but I recently asked my mom why my parents got divorced 11 years ago when I was 13. She said the final straw was when my dad was threatening her. He said that if she left him he would let our whole town/community think it was her fault that their marriage was broken.

He threatened buying a gun and said it was just so my brother could learn how to shoot a gun, but it was just to be threatening. She said she still doesn’t know what he meant to do with that gun, but he never did end up buying it. They ended up splitting up and my dad lived in our basement while we sold the house. I

‘m 24 now and have a great relationship with both my mom and dad.

For 11 years, I never asked. I always assumed it was just because they didn’t get along well, because they didn’t. But I had NO idea this was going on. It was a shock for me, I mean I didn’t know what to think.

She told me my dad is diagnosed bipolar and this happened when he was at his worst and not medicated. I could NEVER imagine him doing something like that, still to this day. He’s never been abusive towards me or my siblings. It was a huge secret.

3. Oh my gosh my heart.

My parents supposedly had a son before I was born. I don’t know too many of the details but he apparently died when he was around 1 year old. I found this out by my grandma slipping and mentioning something about it.

Too me I don’t need to ask them because, I feel like asking them would bring up a lot of grief and heartbreak that just isn’t necessary

2. I wonder why they wanted to.

Not a parent, but a child who didn’t know a secret of both my parents for 20 years.

Found out from an offhand statement. My parents’ marriage is their second one. T

hat is to say, prior to getting married to each other, they had been married to different people and both divorced.

I was surprised, but mostly impressed because they managed to keep it a secret for so long.

1. What is there to do?

Late to the party but really need to get this off my chest.

I’m the child here. My mom is cheating on my dad. Has been for years. I just found out a few months ago but I kept quiet.

They act so normal. I really have no idea what to do.

Do I tell my dad? My mom still treats me super nicely and I’m not sure I’m willing to stir up drama at all.

Secrets have a way of coming out, so make sure your kids don’t feel lied to once it’s all out in the open, hmm?

What secret did your parents keep from you? Let’s mix it up in the comments!